Turning Milling CNC

The Rossi Carlo company has recently adopted its own philosophy, trying to do all the work inside its company.

The new turning and milling CNC department has been created to give a more excellent service to our customers, investing in the machinery of the latest generation.

We offer the service of third-party machining, trying to satisfy any quantity requirement, from single to large series, with a bar loader with a minimum of Ø10mm to a maximum of Ø80mm.

The most worked materials are stainless steel 304 and 316, iron and aluminium but we boast an excellent experience for any other type of material to meet any customer requirement.

We have a testing office that boasts control equipment of the best brands to give the customer the best quality.

We also have a technical office equipped with the most modern computer systems and which, thanks to 2D / 3D graphic systems, follows the development of each piece commissioned.
The operators present in the plant collaborate closely with the technical office to highlight and solve in real time any problems in the design phase.

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